Digital, wireless motion detector (PIR).

Description: motion detector based on passive infrared detection, thanks to Aero communication,
it transmits diagnostic informations, motion detection informations, battery status.
Sensor thanks to advanced algorithms does not react for pets.


• PIR Specifications:
- double PIR element,
- dedicated microprocessor for PIR signals analysis,
- patented, direct signal tranform by ADC converter, true, non-modified signal processing direct from PIR sensor,
- unique and patented PIR signal results analysis algorithm with statistics analysis, Gaussian distribution, trends (device stability), real time movement models,
- SmartPIR algorithm, detecs jamming i.e. strong radio waves, white light, electric interferences - ignores it's results,
- high, adjusted sensitivity (8 levels) with high immunity for false alarms,
- regulated analysis pulses time (PULSE 1-4) depends on application and sensor sensitivity,
- Pet immunity option up to 30kg,
- modern Fresnel's lens (LODIFF®, POLY IR®9) detection range 15x15m, view angle: 90°,
• Aero communication specifications:
- dedicated processor for Aero communication, detector's energy and states management,
- automatic transmit power management, up to +10dBm, depends on (RSSI) or signal quality level (LQI) for maximum battery life,
- bidirectional, encrypted (AES 128-bit) communication in ISM 868 MHz band,
- high RF sensitivity, up to -110 dBm,
- up to 150m range in open area,

• General specifications:
- wall mount white ABS casing - dimensions: 66x94x51 WxHxD [mm],
- LED diode optical signalization,
- working temperature: -10°C do +55°C,
- power supply: battery ER14505M, up to 2-3 years,
- anti-sabotage protection,
- mount height: 2,1 - 2,7 m,

•  intruder protection,
•  human movement detection (intruder) in protected area,
•  space protection with pet immunity option.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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Product name: SmartPIR-Aero

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