Two way intercomm system (set) with voice transmission over 230VAC power line.

VoPL (Voice over Power Line).

- innovate and unique technology of compressed voice transmission over SmartPLC 230VAC power network,
- Smart PLC modem( PLC ang. Power Line Communication): power line communication based on advanced 16-bit digital signal proccessor DSP,
- VoPL system consist of two nodes with same functions,
- half-duplex transmission, PTT key support (Push-to-talk,),
- output for CALL and PTT functions,
- linear audio input and audio output for integration with other systems,
- audio input and output compatible with door phones standard: 4+n (cassette, handset, 2 buttons),
- relay output (potential free) for CALL function i.e. for adding generator for uniphone,
- input for control "lock",
- relay output (potential free) for "lock" generated during conversation,
- DIN rail case, 6 DIN modules,
- 230VAC, 50Hz power supply,
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Product name: VoPL-D6M

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