4,3" touch screen (touch keyboard) in plastic black wall mount casing.
TPR-4 touch panel is innovative control and management device dedicated for OptimaGSM system.
Modern design, proven technology with effective color LCD display fits excellent to new arrangements in most of building interiors.

Intuitive and clear interface makes control and management of home automation easy and user friendly.

- color 4,3” TFT  LED, LCD, display with high contrast & brightness,
- esthetic and exclusive desing: integrated glass panel with display in low profile casing,
- touch panel without any mechanical contacts, capacitive, gesture control support,
- interactive graphical menu with pictograms (icons),
- two screens with flexible pictograms definition, exellent for user demands or aplication demands,
- visualization and control of home automation,
- room thermostat option (two independent thermostats), week calendar, five temp. profiles, four day sequences, synchronization for requested touch panels and mobile application (IP),
- random number keyboard function,
- text hints for selected functions,
- additional status bar with system status,
- audio signalization,
- screen saver function with calendar, clock and actual temperature,
- two alarm inputs,
- temperature Logger function: collects temperature history on SD card (txt) and/or temperature histogram in screen saver mode,
EIA-485 bus communication protocol, RopamNET protocol,
- local microUSB communication port for firmware update,
- antisabotage casing protection,
- dimensions: 122x88x17 mm (WxHxD) (without connectors),
- frame color: black

Two personalized screens:

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