TPR-1F (v.4.0+)


for the control panels MGSM 4.0+/4.0-PS+

Alarm central MGSM 4.0+/4.0-PS+ with TPR-1F touch screen and other assigned devices is a modern construction. Installed GSM communicator enables sending information directly to users telephones via SMS, and SMS/CLIP. MGSM 4.0+/4.0-PS+ outputs are equipped with many automatic functions that control the system status.

• colourful screen 3,5” TFT LCD, 65 thousand colours,
• „Touch panel” without mechanical elements,
• interactive and graphic menu with pictograms (icons),
• function of random arrangement of numerical keyboard,
• text guidelines for particular functions,
• intuitive control and system operation,
• module output control,
• quick control of a relay output in TPR-1,
• LED informing about system status,
• a bar with additional information about system status,
• acoustic signalization,
• screen saver with a clock and calendar function or photo frame function
• built in temperature sensor,
• two alarm inputs,
• SD card slot and supported SD/SDHC card
• SD card slot available only after opening of the housing
• RS485 bus for system communication,
• RS232TTL local port,
• software actualization function,
• esthetical and solid casing , front panel made of brushed stainless steel "inox", mounted with four screws to base
• modular construction of casing:
* mounting casing
* chassis (PCB assembly)
* front panel stainless steel, “INOX“
• dimensions [mm] (WxHxD):
* mounting casing: 115 (134) x95 x30 (WxHxD)
* chassis: 111x92x24 (WxHxD)
* front panel: 122x105x1 (WxHxD)
* adjustable chassis (front panel) with respect to the mounting box (wall surface)
• durability of a touch panel about 2,5 m. touches of every point with a standard stylus,
• casing antiabotage protection,
• separable terminal strip,
• cooperation with MGSM 4.0+, MGSM 4.0-PS+ modules (from v3.0) and further products.


The alarm system build on the basis of MGSM 4.0+/4.0-PS+ alarm centrals, TPR-1 touch panel and other additional devices are ideal for housing properties and small commercial objects. A modern design, checked technology of a touch panel with an effective colourful LCD screen is excellent for most interiors and rooms. An intuitive and easy interface causes that alarm system operation has never been so easy as it is with TPR-1. The touch panel in connection with MGSM 4.0+/4.0-PS+ modules enables building a fully functional alarm system. While using two panels we reactive system with 12 inputs, 10 outputs, one zone with night mode and one with installed GSM communication and operation.
What is more, MGSM 4.0+/4.0-PS+ central enables creating simple automation applications with remote control via SMS/CLIP. Flexible functions enables using them in systems in which is applied control of binary signals, temperature, requirement of visual verification and sending information via SMS, VOICE,MMS, e-mail.

(Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.)
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