SROL-S - roller blind controller, wired

Roller blind controller:

- wired roller blind controller, autonomous with central control,
- local control 230VAC (N) with double roller blind connectors (without memory) or single connector (bell button),
- central control 12VDC from the control panel outputs (transistor outputs),
- intuitive control in touch panels, mobile applications,  'blinds' widget, through radio remotes, logic functions,
- compatibility with NeoGSM-IP, NeoGSM-IP-64: one output in 'roller blind' mode allows to get the functions: up / down / stop,
- In the NeoGSM-IP system, it is possible to connect 16 independently controlled roller blinds or roller blind groups (eg 16 x 10 roller blinds),
- compatibility with OptimaGSM, BasicGSM 2, MultiGSM 2: two outputs allow you to get the functions: up / down / stop,
- compatibility with other systems, control panels or controllers with transistor outputs (OC),
- automatic setting of full up / down time,
- damaged relay motor protection,
- high quality relays (AC3: 350W 1-phase 240VAC),
- do-box assembly (can Ø60), small dimensions 45x58x26 [mm],
- galvanic separation between local and central 1.5kV control,
- power consumption: ~ 0.35 standby / 1W work.
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Product name: SROL-S - roller blind controller, wired

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