- Power supply with cable bunch dedicated for: OptimaGSM, NeoGSM, NEO (no terminal blocks for output voltage!)

Follows PN-EN 50131-6

Ropam Elektronik thanks to market analysis and following latest trends in energy management decided to connect alarm demands for power supplies and standards for automation.
During analysis of new solution below aspect were taken for consideration:
- technical requirements - ecological aspects
- low maintenance cost Big emphasis was taken on battery maintenance.
We used two-phase charging option - contant current and then constant voltage.
Also temperature auto compensation of charging voltage is responsible for long battery life.
It's very important for system reliability and gives economic advantages for user thanks to longer battery life and service periods.

It's very important that battery capacity gets lower almost in a half of every 8 Celsius degrees.
I.e. battery life will be 50% shorter in 28°C temperature and in 36°C battery life will be 75% shorter than standard battery life.
Many of buffer power supplies on the market with low efficiency are using standard solutions and don't have charging voltage compensation.
It may increase temperature in casing to battery's critical values.
Also some of power supples have radiators close to battery which causes side overheating of battery, overcharging of cells and electrodes corrosion.

Nowadays, buffer power supplies are made according to standard:

230VAC network → single phase transformer → low voltage rectifier → linear regulator or low DC switcher → 12VDC.
Standard power supply efficiency is in range 50%-70%.
We made AC/DC PSR-ECO power supplies with 91% efficiency and highest possible functionality and flexibility in low voltage instalations.

PSR-ECO power supplies are based on newest IC's (SMPS).
These solutions eliminates power losses sources: transformer, rectifier, voltage regulator.
PSR-ECO-5012 integrates three functions in one design: regulated power supply, battery charger, UPS for 12VDC or 24VDC - see version.

1. AC/DC functions and parameters, energy conversion block.
• high energy efficiency, typicaly 88% in full operating range (88%-91%)
• increased galvanic separation PRI/SEC: 3,5kV (other power supplies typically: 1,5kV)
• output power 50W in full range according to II'nd environmental class
• max power 65W, power supply internally balanced
• 12VDC and 24VDC versions, low ripple and low noise power supply
• output voltage regulation
• electronic protection with autorecovery: overcurrent OCP,  short circuit SCP, overheat OHP, over voltage OVP, undervolatge UVP
• high quality power components
• passive convection cooling system
• 100% tested with and without load
• SMT & THT mount
• high EMC & ESD immunity for industrial type devices and low emission like for home applications
• II'nd environmental classi, without PE circuit
• DIN 6M (ABS, UL94 V-0) casing and dedicated wall casings

2. Battery charger functions and parameters.
• constant current, constant voltage charging system.
• temperature autocompensation +/- 3,3 [mV/°C/cell] regards to 20°C.
• autonomic, electronic protections:  overcurrent OCP, short circuit SCP, undervoltage UVP, reverse polarity (RPP).
• dynamic test and diagnosis of battery during normal work (with load)
• overcharge protection: advanced algorythm that measures charge delivered to battery, if Qbat>Qmax and no const. voltage charging enabled, then controller will turn on fail indicator, but leave battery as backup power supply.
• SLA and AGM 12V battery support.

3. Power supply status, in system configuration.
• construction and functions follows PN-EN 50131-6, grade 2 or 3, A type
• microcontroller supervised working state and functions
• basic parameters measure: voltages, currents, temperature
• test and calibration 100%  power supplies during manufacturing process
• technical outputs: AC state, battery state, other failures
• EIA-485 bus: - RN: ROPAMNet.
• supervision and communication with NEOGSM, OPTIMAGSM (ROPAMNet) and BMS automation systems.
• optical signalization of power supply state and failures (codes)
• local (jumpers) or remote (EIA-485) power supply configuration

(applications that follows PN-EN 50131-6, grade 2,3 type A regulations):
• NEOGSM, OPTIMAGSM system supply
• home automation power supply
• LED 12VDC power supply
• access control power supplies,
• CCTV power supplies
• 12VDC systems power supply

- PARTNER GSM when using with alarm panel

SET: PSR-ECO-5012-RS power supply,  instructions manual

mounting in casings with 'D' marking, i.e: O-R4D,

(Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.)
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