6 inputs, 6 outputs, control panel control: keybobs and/or ARM, metal casing with visual signalisation on a front control panel (9x LED), power supply: 230V/AC, battery 7Ah/12V

PCR6-RF control panels are a modern microprocessor construction where were combined professional solutions with a quick and simple configuration and operation as well. It is for small alarm systems, which are installed in flats, detached houses, stores, offices and workplaces. The control panel cooperates with all types of detectors (NC) and alarm signalising devices 12V/DC (external and internal indicators, GSM modules).

• control panel inputs [6]:
- four inputs for connecting NC detectors, including 11 as time delayed detectors and 12(function) with internal time delay with adjusted alarm delay time,
- one input for ARM standby control (signal control – monostable contact e.g. 5s time output, bell-push or control status change – bistable contact, e.g. switch, keylock),
- one 24h standby input TAMP for connecting an anti-sabotage circuit of buzzers or anti-
sabotage button,
- operation configuration 2EOL/NC (1,1kΩ/2,2kΩ) with sabotage or NC signalisation,
- signalisation of disturbed input after time on output with a possibility of input remote
blocking (PCR-RF),
- automatic blocking after three alarms on inputs I1-I4 in a standby mode (limiting alarms
in case of a damaged sensing element).
• control panel outputs [6]:
- three inputs for connecting sirens: O1, O2– adjusted alarm time, O3– alarm to be deleted
or standby status disarmed,
- independent anti-short-circuit with fuses control: O1, O2, AUX,
- control of active buzzer (load) for output 01 ( 2,2kΩ),
- visual status signalisation of outputs O1-O3,
- independent anti-short-circuit protection with fuses control: O1, O2, AUX,
- control of buzzer connector (load) for outputs O1 ( 2,2kΩ),
- visual signalisation of outputs status O1-O3,
- three OC outputs of a control panel status signalisation,
- O4- AC charging status or input/output time, O5 – failure status, O6 – standby status of a control panel,
- AUX charging output for charging detectors etc.
• control panel configuration:
- potentiometer P1-P4: times for I1, I2 inputs and O1, O2 outputs,
- switch SW1: mode and inputs functions as well as alternative outputs functions,
- programming procedure (PR button): remote control programming (PCR-RF) and additional functions.
• control panel status signalisation:
- visual: inputs state, standby, alarm, failure, central control power supply,
- sound and/or visual through alarm outputs: O1-O3,
- remote supervision through outputs O4-O6,
- sound through O2 output – arming/disarming standby mode and disturbing inputs after time on output.
• control panel control:
- remote through radio remote controls (PCR6-RF): arming/disarming standby mode, alarm deleting, blocking disturbed inputs (coded transmission, superheterodyne receiver module),
- remote through ARM input (PCR6-RFR, PCR6): arming/disarming standby mode, alarm deleting (programmable control mode: impulse (monostable) or change input state(bistable).
• control panel power supply module:
- build in switching mode power supply of 1,3A of total capacity with a control system and system of uninterruptible battery charging (7Ah/12V),
- anti-short-circuit, anti-overload, battery negative polarization protection, deep
discharge battery protection.
• control panel casing:
- metal casing with visual signalisation on a front control panel (9x LED), micro-switch of open casing signalisation, place for the battery 7Ah/12V.
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