The Partner GSM  software is used to configure devices series: NeoGSM, NEO, BasicGSM, MultiGSM, MGSM4.0-GATE, MGSM 5.0 MGSM 3.5
and updating devices: TPR-xx,

The Partner GSM software is intended for operation on PC class computers running under the WINDOWS 9X/Me/2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8.x/ operating system.

Communication between PARTNER GSM and device is accomplished via: the RS232 port or the USB (1.1, 2.0) port utilizing communication cables with a built in RS-232-RS232-TTL or a USB-RS232-TTL converter. Dedicated RS232-MGSM or USB-MGSM cables are recommended. 

The software supports a graphical and text menu. Forbidden operations or functions for a given type of device are displayed as inactive (grey icons and text). Communication functions are active only after the correct configuration of the RS 232 port (COM) and initiation of communication with the module.
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