Compact control panel  SMS/VOICE/CLIP/GPRS/MMS, 12VDC, TELx8, BIx8-20, BOx8-14, AI,TEMPx2, TPR-xx, monitoring GPRS, TermostatGSM, KeyGSM, TerminalSMS, LoggerTemp. LogicProcessor $$$


- power supply 17÷20V/AC or 20÷30V/DC (II'nd insulation class),
- built in buffer power supply 12V/2A,
- AC and DC voltage control,
- battery dynamic test and control,
- dedicated housings with transformers,
- DIN rail mount, 9 modules width

Alarm control panel OptimaGSM is solution which integrates advanced security system and home automation with SmartPLC communication.
Built-in GSM communicator allows to remotely control and operate system. Thanks to modular construction of the system, user can easily rebuild system according to its demands.
Construction and functions of the system follows regulations: PN-EN 50131-3, grade 2.


  • 4 partitions with 2 types of arming (full, night)

  • Zones (BI): 8-40 wired, expandable by inputs expanders or TPR touch panels (TPR-xx)

  • Zones configuration: 2EOL/NC, 2EOL/NO, EOL, NC, NO

  • Outputs: (BO): 8-32 wired, expandable by outputs expanders

  • Outputs: O1,O2 – 12V/1A with short circuit protection, overload protection, temperature protection and load control

  • Outputs: O3-08, transistor outputs OC 100mA

  • Additionally: local relay output in each TPR touch panel

  • Users: 32 codes (1 master + 31 users), 8 phone numbers, 8 e-mail addresses

  • Up to 4 touch panels: wall mount: TRP-1-O, TPR-2W-O, TPR-2B-O, flush mount: TPR-1F-O

  • Flexible vigilance control: touch panels, SMS, system inputs, remote controllers

  • Cooperation with wireless AERO system: up to 16 AERO devices

  • GSM Jamming control: system reports jamming using: outputs, stores event in system events memory

  • RTC clock - battery buffered, NTP clock server service, summer time/winter time update

  • 4 Timers (flex options):year, month, week, day, permanent, each of timers have 20 markers (ON/OFF)

  • TCP/IP communication over AP-IP module

  • Events memory: 10 000 events

  • Communication test options: SMS, SMS Status, CLIP, MMS, E-mail

  • Optical signalization of system state, GSM signal strength

  • Transmission limit option, costs reduction options

  • USSD codes service (pre-paid cards control)

  • Pluggable connectors grouped by ports

  • Dedicated housings with transformers,

  • DIN rail mount, 9 modules width


  • SMS notification/control, independent messages for system events

  • VOICE/Clip: independent voice connection for system events based on voice messages (voice synthesizer: VSR-1, VSR-2, AMR-1 wire tapping device)

  • E-mail: independent e-mail notifications for events in system, SMTP server communication (without SSL/TLS)

  • GPRS monitoring: connection with station/server Ropam Monitoring Software, encrypted TCP/IP transmission, 2 IP addresses, SMS transmission parallel with SMS/VOICE

  • Smartphone control via RopamDroid or dedicated native APP (iOS, Android, Windows Phone / Windows 10)

  • AP-IP communication using TCP-IP protocol (wired – Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi)

  • System control by any device using web browser with HTML5 or above (AP-IP with prebuild webserver)

  • IP monitoring using IP cameras and AP-IP module (up to four IP cameras), MMS/e-mail notification

  • Thermostat with calendar in touch panels (TPR)

Building automation functions:

  • SmartPLC: up to 8 devices IOE-IQPLC/IO-IQPLC (electric socket/electric switcher with power measurement – IOE-IQPLC, or without power measurement – IO-IQPLC), communication using 230VAC network

  • Output control: (BO): SMS, DTMF, CLIP, (KeyGSM), APP/webserver

  • GSM Thermostat, TEMP Logger: measures and registers temperature from 4 digital temperature sensors which are also used for temperature control and thermostat functions.

  • Analog Input AI 0-10V for physical values control (battery voltage control, humidity [%RH], temperature, pressure, etc.)

  • Audio integration with gate entrance systems, intercoms, entry phones


  • Advanced logic functions, arithmetic functions, counters, time relays

  • Up to 20 independent logic blocks (If, Then, Else, Or…)

  • 20 time relays for realize time-logic functions

  • Logic creator, logic script editor (C like language), simulator: shows script, controls script

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