Compact control panel with: SMS/VOICE/CLIP/GPRS/MMS, 12VDC, TELx8, BIx8-20, BOx8-14, AI,TEMPx2, TPR-xx,
GPRS monitoring, GSMThermostat, KeyGSM, SMS Terminal, Temp. Logger, LogicProcessor

NeoGSM control panel with peripherial devices is solution that integrates electronic signalling system, alarm system and home automation.
Built in GSM modem allows for remote control and system management. Thanks to modular construction, system can be expanded and adopted for user demands.

Panel is equipped with unique functions compared to other market products and is most flexible solution in it's class:
- possible control via: RopamDroid app ofr android based smartphones
- flexible arming control: touch panels, SMS, system input, remote controllers, (PSR-RF, RF-4), from shell building to residence, according to latest electrical standards
- touch panel control: wall mount TRP-1, TPR-2W, TPR-2B and flush mount TPR-1F,
- visual object verification: FGR-4 for MMS/E-MAIL with pictures from cameras send option,
- voice synthesizer VSR-2, allows for sending 16 voice messages with event identification (VOICE) or VSR-1, which allows for send one message (VOICE),
- voice audio module AMR-1 (microphone), allows for object listening and audio verification,
- gate VAR-1 and module FGR-4 for integration with video door station, integration allows for connection between cellphone and video doorphone and sending pictures in MMS format,
- audio integration with doorphones and intercoms,
- TSR-1 temperature sensors for temperature monitoring, logging and thermostat functions,
- RF-4 radio controller for arming and outputs control (4) through remote controllers or,
- system power supply with built-in radio controller PSR-RF, allows for arming control through remote controllers,
- analog input AI 0-10V for control of phyical parameters, i.e.: battery voltage, humidity [%RH], temperature and others

NeoGSM system new resources and functions:

  • # JAMMING detection: reports on output and in events memory,

  • # LogicProcessor: advanced logic functions allows for making home automation easier, time relays, stair relays based on free system resources,

  • # DTMF support, outputs control (O1-O8), arming control (full), end of VOICE notification, door lock open function through VAR-1 module,

  • # FAC input (only NeoGSM) for AC control i.e. panel, controller, DC power supply,

  • # GPRS monitoring: cooperation with Kronos NET (RopamDirect driver) - encrypted TCP/IP transmission, two IP adresses, backup SMS transmission, parallel SMS/VOICE operation,


  •  built in GSM/DCS/EGSM modem without SIMLOCK

  •  construction follows PN-EN 50131-3, grade 2 (full set)

  •  modular and scalable alarm panel with home automation functions

  •  one main partition NIGHT
    flexible arming control: touch panels, SMS, system input, remote controllers ( RF-4/4C),

    •  RopamDroid application (Android app) for control through SMS messages,

    •  RF-4 radio module  for arming and outputs control (4), through remote controllers,

  •  TPR-xx touch panels compatibility

  •  8 phone numbers, control and notification

  •  8-20 zones, expandable through touch panels and zones expander EXP-I8

  •  many zone type configurations: 2EOL/NC, 2EOL/NO, EOL, NC, NO

  •  AI analog input 0-10V with physical values scaling availability (i.e. temp=°C, RH=%, p=kPa)

  •  8-14 controlled outputs through system status, SMS, CLIP, touch panels (home automation)

  •  12VDC/1A - O1 and O2 outputs with short circuit protection, overload protection, temperature protection and load control,

  •  O3-O8 - OC 100mA outputs.

  •  AUX and KB - 12V/1A outputs, with full electronic protection,

  •  transmission from zones: SMS/VOICE/CLIP/MMS/E-MAIL

  •  transmission SMS/VOICE/CLIP while change zone state (0->1/1->0),

  •  KeyGSM: output control thanks to caller identification (CallerID CLIP)

  •  User defined SMS and VOICE (VSR-2) messages for system events: zones, outputs, temp.

  •  MMS/E-MAIL transmission with pictures from CCTV system, video door phones, events video verification, photo - catch function

  •  audio integration with video door stations

  • & nbsp;audio integration with intercoms and door phones

  • two - way audio system, object tapping

  • GSM Thermostat, LoggerTemp  temperature measure and logging - two TSR-1 sensors, two independent thermostats on 4 outputs

  •  real time cloctk RTC with battery backup

  •  four 24h timers for outputs and/or arming control

  •  transmission test functions: SMS, SMS STATUS, CLIP, MMS

  •  optical system state and GSM level LED indicators

  •  events memory; 1000 events with overwriting function

  •  cost saving functions and transmission cost reduction

  •  USSD codes support (pre-paid cards support)

  •  SMS Terminal: SMS transmission through RS232TTL from DTE devices (PLC, controllers etc.) without #AT commands, ASCI codes, NEOGSM works as modem, GSM terminal (DCE), function run: via I8 zone

  •  block construction with independent control of function blocks: power supply, GSM modem, microcontroller,

  •  NeoGSM power supply: 12V/DC with DC supply control (<11V), controlled power supply recommended, PSR-ECO, PSR (power supply) or PSR-RF (power supply + remote controllers),.

  •  possibility to supply from alternative power sources; battery, solar batteries, wind turbines.

Additional devices that can be used for system expansion:
- TPR-1x touch panel, modern keypad for system control, wall mount version TPR-1, flush mount version TPR-1F, INOX steel finishing,
- TPR-2x touch panel TPR-2x, modern keypad for system control, wall mount version, white or graphite color, ABS plastic finish,
- RF-4 system radio controller for system arm/disarm, other devices control,
- FGR-4 for MMS/E-MAIL messages with pictures from cameras (visual verification),
- VSR-2 VSR-2 voice synthesizer, allows for sending 16 voice messages (VOICE), VSR-1, allows for sending one voice message (VOICE),
- AMR-1 audio module(microphone), allows for object tapping (audio verification),
- TSR-1 temperature sensors, temperature control and monitoring, thermostat functions,
- PSR-RF system power supply with built-in radio controller, allows for controlling the system via remote controllers,
- VAR-1 KENWEI, access gate allows for integration video door gate, two - way audio communication (door gate - cell phone), picture sending via MMS transmission,
- NeoGSM and PSR-ECO-5012-RS set with smart, buffer type, supervised power supply. This solution alows for real energy cost savings and battery life enlargement, see savings chart.
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