Dual-zone compact central SMS / VOICE / CLIP / GPRS / WIFI, 12VDC, TELx8, BIx8-32, BOx8-24, AI, TEMPx2, TPR-4x, GPRS monitoring, ThermostatGSM, KeyGSM, LogicProcessor

Power supply: 12VDC

The NeoGSM-IP alarm panel with peripheral devices is a solution that integrates the electronic intruder alarm system and home automation. Built-in GSM communicator and WI-FI module enable remote control and control of the system. Thanks to the modular design, the system can be expanded and adapted to the changing needs of the user. Construction and functions in accordance with PN-EN 50131-3, grade 2.


- 2 independent partitions with two types of arming: full or night,

- hybrid central: wired + Aero wireless system,

- users: 32 codes (1 main +31), 8 telephone numbers, e-mail

- 8-32 programmable zones, expansion by zone expanders, touch panels, Aero wireless system,

- 8-24 programmable outputs, expansion by output expanders,

- support for up to 4 touch panels (TPR-4x / 4xS series) or touch keyboards (TK-3x),

- additional local relay output in each touch panel,

- built-in GSM modem

- built-in WIFI module

(NOTE: due to the built-in WiFi antenna, the required installation in a plastic housing - O-R3P)

- wired LAN connection via expander: EXP-LAN,

- notifications of type: SMS / CALL / E-MAIL / PUSH,

- mobile application support: Ropam Neo, for online surveillance via the Internet,

- IP communication: WIFI / LAN basic channel, GPRS backup channel (automatic switching),

- 4 timers with a calendar, for control and automation,

- cooperation with PSR-ECO power supplies (energy and cost saving)

- advanced logic functions and software time relays, LogicProcessor,

- local programming via micro USB or WIFI / ETH,

- remote programming via the RopamBridge server (GPRS or IP),

- USSD code support (pre-paid card control

- comfortable disconnect terminal connectors, grouped by ports

- local programming via microUSB or WIFI

Building automation functions:

- operation of temperature and humidity sensors (wired, wireless),

- Room Thermostat function,

- control of outputs (BO) to control automation elements possible through: mobile applications RopamNeo, SMS, DTMF, CLIP (KeyGSM),

- analog input AI 0-10V for physical parameters control, eg battery voltage, humidity [% RH], temperature, etc.,

- audio integration with video intercoms (VAR-1U), intercoms and intercoms,

- object listening (AMR-1).

Notification / Control

- SMS notification and control - independent messages for events in the system,

- VOICE / CLIP: independent voice connection for events in the system with voice messages (VSR-1 speech synthesizer, VSR-2, AMR-1 wiretap),
- E-MAIL: independent e-mails for events in the system, SMTP server support (without SSL / TSL),
- GPRS monitoring: cooperation with the Monitoring Software Ropam station / server or Kronos NET station (RopamDirect driver), encrypted TCP / IP transmission, two IP addresses, backup SMS transmission, parallel work with the SMS / VOICE notification mode,
- the ability to operate using the RopamNeo mobile application


- advanced logic functions, arithmetic functions, counters, time relays,

- up to 10 independent logic conditions, (If ... Then ... Else blocks),

- 20 time relays for the implementation of time-logic functions,

- logic wizard or script editor (scripting language C), simulator: a setter and script preview.
Mobile application to operate the system:

Configuration tool:


Functionally, all versions are identical - they differ only in the way of power supply and housings.

Trade nameHousingPower supply
NeoGSM-IPnone12V / DC with DC voltage control, for power required supervised, intelligent, system power supply: PSR-ECO-512-RS or PSR-ECO-2012
NeoGSM-IP-D9Mhousing for DIN rail, 9 modules width
NeoGSM-IP-PSnone17 ÷ 20V / AC or 20 ÷ 30V / DC (class III isolation),

- built-in buffer power supply 12V / 1.5A,

NeoGSM-IP-PS-D9Mhousing for DIN rail, 9 modules width
NeoGSM-IP-SETO-R3P surface-mounted plastic housing (ABS), with space for 7Ah battery230V AC - included in the set PSR-ECO-2012 power supply 12V / 1.5A with high efficiency (90%)

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