GSM Modem

GSM/GPRS/CSD/SMS/FAX, USB communication, AT# control, TCP/IP stack, USB power supply

GSM Modem dedicated for Ropam devices. Specially for programming via CSD connection: local or remote. External modem allows wireless communication with
DTE devices (PC, terminals, PLC controllers, PDA's etc.) equipped with USB port (+ VCP drivers). Communication with DTE device equipped with USB 2.0 port (without drivers installation) if support device FTDI232C, i.e. Linux.
Modem provides complete solution for CSD data transmission, fax, SMS messages. Standard AT# commands are used for modem control (follows GSM 07.07, 07.05) besides - expand set of AT# commands can be used for prebuild TCP/IP stack.

● modem with four band module: GSM GSM/DCS/EGSM without SIMLOCK,
● GSM/GPRS/CSD/SMS/FAX, AT# commands, TCP/IP stack, (DCE device),
● CSD modem for remote programming of Ropam systems,
● USB-RS232TTL converter for Ropam devices, local programming (replaces USB-MGSM),
● AT# commands control, follows standard WINDOWS drivers,
● ABS casing, desktop type,
● connectors: PC: USB A plug, ModemGSM: USB B mini, RJ12 RS232TTL (USB/RS232TTL converter),
● antenna FME-m connector,
● USB 5V /500mA power supply directly from PC,
● USB 2.0 FTDI232C chip, Windows, Linux certificated drivers.
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