Wireless magnetic detector Aero.

* compatibility: APm-Aero, NeoGSM-IP, OptimaGSM,
* detector properties:
- compliance with the PN-EN 50131-2-2 grade 2 standard,
- detecting opening of doors, windows,
- input for a wired NC magnetic detector,
- tamper contact: opening and detaching the housing,
* Aero communication properties:
- automatic transmission power control, up to + 10dBm, depending on strength (RSSI) and transmission quality (LQI) for maximum battery life,
- bi-directional, encrypted (AES 128-bit) communication in the ISM 868 MHz band,
- high RF sensitivity up to -110 dBm,
- range over 300m in open area,
* general properties:
- ABS surface-mounted housing white - dimensions: 32x81x28 (detector) 13x75x18 (magnet) WxHxD [mm],
- optical signaling: alarm, no communication, low battery voltage,
- working temperature: -10 ° C to + 55 ° C,
- power supply: ER14250 battery, lifetime up to 3 years,
- from control panel manager
KIT: detector, battery ER14250, magnet
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Product name: MGD-Aero

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