Remote controller, wireless system Aero.

- 5-channels for system control according to defined functions or for home automation control
through LogicProcessor (channel flags kf1-kf5 and controllers ID)
- up to 16 Aero devices in NeoGSM system and up to 16 devices in OptimaGSM system,
- bidirectional, encrypted (AES 128-bit) communication in ISM 868 MHz band,
- high RF sensitivity, up to -110 dBm,
- up to 300m range in open area,
- control of system and devices remotely using Aero protocol,
- full management and system status update in Aero devices, presence control, connection quality control, battery control,
- unique ID-Aero allows for proper work near other Aero system,
- non-volatile configuration memory,
- optical signalization,
- audio signalization (buzzer),
- power supply: 3V CR2032 battery,
- work with: NeoGSM (from v2.0),  OptimaGSM,
- in NeoGSM systems it's allowed to use Aero controller or inputs expander EXP-I8,
- color: white
- casing: ABS white, black keys
- dimensions: 69.85 x 34.80 x 17.53 mm

•  adding wireless devices to alarm system,
•  remote control of home automation,
•  building protection without wired resources availability.

(Technical specification are subject to change without prior notification.)
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Product name: Keyfob-Aero-W

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