Quad high-side smart power solid-state relay with built-in electronic protections so. electronic fuses.

• four independent "electronic fuse" with an automatic back/reset after a short circuit or overload, do not require maintenance such as changing fuse or manual reset PTC fuse
• four independently controlled channels and prtections outputs OUT1-OUT4 dedicated to power devices (common GND
• four trigger input I1-I4 by GND or +U (Vcc)
• four status outputs S1-S4 power supply outputs OUT1-OUT4 for remote control module state
• supply voltage 10V-30V DC (undervoltage protection
• nominal current 0.7 A (1.3 A Ipeak), each channel (4x0, 7A) with the possibility of aggregation of channels such as 2x 1,4A, 1x2,8A, 1x0,7A+1x2,1A
• protection: overload, overload protection (current limit), undervoltage, temperature
• dedicated to power supply resistive loads and / or induction
• optical signaling operating state: DC power supply, outputs OUT1-OUT4, status outputs S1-S4
• a minimum resistance of a solid-state relay ( 10 times smaller than the PTC fuses and 5 times smaller than the fuse (@ 1A)
• small dimensions 50mmx50mm
• easy installation and configuration
• easy installation using adhesive pins

Control and protection circuits in DC power supply (low voltage). With universal design module is ideal: power control and alarm systems, access control, CCTV, power distribution, short circuit separation, LED lighting, smoke exhaust systems, etc.
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Product name: IPS-4

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