Controlled switch of IQPLC system.

- controlled electric switch (controlled electric plug),
- NO (C/NO) contact, potential free contact 10A/250V,
- two states input ON/OFF, by N/L potential, supports switches or monostable buttons,
- input: local or system control through LogicProcessor of OptimaGSM system,
- miniature dimensions: Ø50, h=30mm [mm],
- flush box mount Ø60 (deep),
- module is compatible with every wall plug and electric switch/button,
- SmartPLC communication with IQPLC- Hub through building power network (low voltage),
- control and management of node is available through LogicProceesor arguments of OptimaGSM system,
- 230VAC, 50Hz power supply,
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Product name: IO-IQPLC

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