Wireless input/output Aero module

I/O specifications:
- cooperation with any wired or battery motion sensor with NC outputs,
- ALARM input: I1, GND ( NC type, works after arming, generates intrusion alarm type),
- TAMPER input: T, GND (NC type, works as 24h type zone, generates sabotage alarm),
- C/NO relay output, controlled/refreshed according to connection intervali (30/60/90s) (constant output mapping Ox ->IO-Aero)
- FAIL output: transistor OC output, generates GND in case of failure (no connection between Aero and Apx-Aero),

Aero communication specifications:
- dedicated processor for Aero communication, module's energy and states management,
- automatic transmit power management, up to +10dBm, depends on (RSSI) or signal quality level (LQI) for maximum battery life,
- bidirectional, encrypted (AES 128-bit) communication in ISM 868 MHz band,
- high RF sensitivity, up to -110 dBm,
- up to 200m range in open area,

Właściwości ogólne:
- wall mount white ABS casing - dimensions: 80x80x25 WxHxD [mm],
- LED diode optical signalization,
- working temperature: -10°C do +55°C,
- power supply: battery ER14505M, up to 2-3 years,
- anti-sabotage protection,

- from alarm panel, system operation,

•  system expansion using wireless I/O devices,
•  system expansion while wired resources are not available,
•  remote control of home automation,
•  object protection while wired resources are not available.

(Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.)
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