SmartPLC network concentrator for IQPLC system.

Home Automation System IQPLC  which uses SmartPLC technology.  SmartPLC is unique and innovative solution in communication, it transforms building power supply network into communication bus for control and management.
SmartPLC technology of Ropam Elektronik company opens new chapter in building/home automation and gives superior capabilities for designers and integrators.

• smart home, home automation,
• electronic intruder alarm systems,
• remote control and management of electronic devices,
• smart lighting.

Hub-IQPLC concentrator integrates OptimaGSM system with distributed smart PLC nodes ( IO-IQPLC/IOE-IQPLC).
Communication between OptimaGSM and concentrator is based on RopamNET bus.
Communication between concentrator and nodes is based on electric power network (230VAC) thanks to SmartPLC technology.


• compatibility with OptimaGSM system: RopamNET bus, (LogicProcessor, logic + states),
• SmartPLC: innovative and unique two-way communication through 230VAC power line,
• Safety: dynamic route choose, "self-cure" network, tapping protection, interferences protection, data transmission with confirmation, AES256 encryption in lowest data layer.
• Range : unlimited as part of one electric network, building power network installation, in three phases power network or in high noise environment PLC Coupler is needed,
• 8 IQPLC devices support
• DIN rail mount casing, 4 DIN modules,

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Product name: Hub-IQPLC-D4M

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