MultiGSM-DRM 2


1000 telephone numbers, 8 inputs, 4 outputs, SMS/VOICE/CLIP/RING, 12V/DC, built-in GSM modem,

• built-in GSM modem (industrial)
• operation with eight telephone numbers (call numbers):
- cooperation with SMS/CLIP monitoring centers
- signaling to private call numbers: SMS, VOICE, SMS+VOICE, CLIP
• sending system status information via SMS:
- programming messages from individual inputs
- independent violation and restore (input) information
- power supply failure messages
- system status messages: inputs, outputs, failures
• sending voice messages:
- cooperation with VSR-2 voice synthesizers (16 messages)or VSR-1 (1 message)
- cooperation with voice module (MC1), object listening
• inputs [8]:
- wide range of reactions, e.g. arm/disarm, delayed, counter
- choice of operating configuration: 2EOL/NC, 2EOL/NO, EOL, NC, NO (I1-I6)
- triggered inputs „+12V” or „GND„ with configuration NO-NC (I7, I8)
• outputs [4]:
- one high current (1A) output and three OC (100mA) outputs
- controlled with: SMS, CLIP, inputs, module status (alarm, failure etc.)
- programmable mode of operation: MONO- (time) or BISTABLE
- logical functions I/O and O/O: AND, OR, NOR, XOR
• communication test function:
- cyclical (every 1-99 hours), according to clock
- triggered by input, external polling
- programmable test type: SMS or CLIP (RING)
• module programming:
- local by PC (PARTNER GSM): RS232TTL, USB
- remote by SMS (selected parameters)
- remote by PC: modem download (via CSD)
- firmware update function (FLASH memory)
• visual signalization:
- visual signalization of operation and failure status
- visual signalization of outputs status
• events memory:
- events registration e.g. alarm arming/disarming
- event date and time (RTC)
- register of 10000 events with an overwrite function
• power supply:
- 9V-14V DC
- permanently monitors the value of the supply voltage U<11V

(Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.)
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