TCP/IP communication module.

* New functions:
- support for IP cameras and DVR recorders, RTSP (4) stream capture for making pictures for MMS'es (GPRS) or e-mail (IP, internet) attachements,

- compatibility: OptimaGSM, transforms panel to IoT device (Internet of Things),
- service for eight users at the same time (www TCP/IP clients),
- built in WebSerwer: work from any device with web browser (HTML 5),
- mobile devices support: Android, IOS, Windows Mobile,
- wired communication: Ethernet: 10/100 BaseT, RJ45,
- wireless communication WLAN: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz, with panel antenna,
- operating modes: Wifi - AccesPoint with DHCP or DHCP client, ETH: DHCP client, fixed IP,
- advanced operating modes: WLAN- AccessPoint with DHCP or DHCP client, ETH: DHCP client, fixed IP,
- encrypted transmission: TCP/IP: (SSL),
- encrypted transmission: WLAN: WPA2-PSK,
- server support: e-mail SMTP (SSL/TLS authorization),
- independent transmission channel for TCP/IP monitoring(exclude: GPRS),
- remote control of the system: ETH or WLAN,
- local module (PCB) mounted on OptimaGSM PCB panel,.

AP-IP module is expansion for another independent communication channel beased on TCP/IP protocol. Set of OPTIMAGSM and AP-IP module is first on the market solution which allows user to control and manage system via webserver. This solution is fully mobile - works on every web browser with HTML5 and using SSL connection. You don't need additional software. Except prebuilt webserver, module supports native applications for :Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, Windows 10.
Demo: AP-IP on-line, live view:

1. Run web browser and enter address: https://ropam.net  (lub IP or scan QR code)
2. Confirm SSL safety exception (certificate follows server address).
3. Enter login data:
User code (4 chars): 5555
TCP/IP application password (16 characters):1234567890123456

4. Click "LOGIN";.
5. Test demo of the system based on main OptimaGSM user account.

(Specifications are subject to change without prior notifications.)

OptimaGSM / AP-IP - demo movie - prebuilt webserver, control over internet.
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