Controller, Access Point (AP) wireless system Aero.

Description:  Autonomic or system Aero controller (AP Access Point), access point (AP) of Aero system. It is dedicated for integration of Aero wireless system with Ropam Elektronik's devices via RopamNET bus or with other devices by using I/O resources.

* Specifications, in system operation:
- up to 8 (NeoGSM) Aero wireless devices – in system operation,
- follows PN-EN 50131-1 grade 2 regulations,
- RopamNET bus for system communication,
- programming and diagnostics of controller and Aero devices from alarm panel – in system operation,
- full management and status transfer to Aero devices, presence control, connection quality control, battery control,
- work with: NeoGSM (from v1.3)
- in NeoGSM systems it's allowed to use Aero controller or inputs expander EXP-I8,
* Specifications, autonomic operation:
- autonomic operation (with any control panel, controller): control and management through I/O, local programming, LCD,
- up to 12 Aero wireless devices – autonomic operation,
- ARM input for arming control in system,
- 12 outputs O1-O12, OC type for signalling violation Aero devices,
- three OC outputs for signalling: alarm AL, sabotage TP, low battery LB,
- LCD display and 4 keys keyboard for system programming and diagnostics,
* General specifications:
- bidirectional, encrypted (AES 128-bit) communication in ISM 868 MHz band,
- high RF sensivity up to -110 dBm,
- automatic transmit power control, up to +10dBm, depends on level (RSSI) and quality (LQI),
- up to 300m range in open area,
- unique ID-Aero allows for proper work near other Aero system,
- non-volatile configuration memory,
- power supply: 9V÷14V/DC,
- wall mount white ABS casing - dimensions: 120x80x25 [mm],
- anti-sabotage controler protection,

•  adding wireless devices to alarm system,
•  expansion of resources after using all wired resources,
•  remote control of home automation,
•  building protection without wired resources availability.

(Technical specification are subject to change without prior notification.)
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