Calendar and agenda:
Meet us on  training and be a part of OptimaGSM installers – GSM/IP alarm control panel with home automation functions.
 (basic training).

For : installers, integrators, technical advisors who are interested in unique functions of OptimaGSM system on the market.

Goal: practical knowledge of OptimaGSM system, home automation applications, wide offer of functions in installations, profits enhancement based on flexible functionality of OptimaGSM system based on software not hardware, making of unique systems which are difficult to takeover by competition, offering solutions not only hardware,  offering innovative solutions based on IoT ( IoT- Internet of Things). etc.

Every participant gets training set with:
OptimaGSM-PS alarm panel, 
GSM antenna: AT-GSM-MINI, 
programming cable: USB-MGSM.
We provide full catering during paid training: few coffee breaks, lunch.

We require from training participants:
- their own laptops with Windows XP,7.8.x,10 operating systems (administrator privileges),
- basic knowledge of electrotechnology: parallel connections, series connections, current/voltage/resistance measurement principles,
- basic knowledge about alarm systems installing.
1. Company presentation, group/products offer presentation.

2. Products presentation:
- GSM terminals: BasicGSM, MultiGSM: presentation of unique functions: SMSTerminal, EMAILterminal, KeyGSM, LogicProcessor, SD card support, GSMThermostat, GSM "JAMMING"',
- alarm panels with GSM communication: NeoGSM, OptimaGSM resources, functions,
- TPR-xx touch panels, versions and usage in systems,
- Aero wireless system:  AP-Aero, APm-Aero, SmartPIR-Aero, OSD-Aero, Keyfob-Aero,
- RopamDroid application for system service via smartphones with Android based phones,
- PSR-ECO-5012-xx power supplies, integration with alarm panel, functions, applications,
- alarm panel with GSM communication and home automation functions - OptimaGSM:  resources, functions, description of advanced LogicProcessor functions,
- SmartPLC home automation system - IQPLC integration with the alarm panel, unique functions and solutions,
- autonomic system of SmartPLC home automation – SimplePLC, OneLinkPLC integration with other systems through I/O, functions and solutions,
- applications for configuration: Partner GSM, OptimaGSM Manager,
- AP-IP for OptimaGSM system module presentation, webserwer and mobile applications,
- new GUI and functions in TPR touch panels for OptomaGSM system presentation.

3. Workshops, making of application based on OptimaGSM system.
- Alarm system for single family house, based on OptimaGSM panel.
- Remote control of home automation: blinds, lights , gates.
- Remote and local control of heating (thermostats) using temperature sensors.
- Analog value control (AI) ie. battery voltage measurement, humidity measurement.
- SMS, VOICE notification.
- MMS, E-mail notification with pictures from CCTV cameras.
- Object tapping by using microphone.

4. Questions and discussion.


Training on 06.11.2015