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New in our offer.
Our systems are characterized by extensive functionality, high reliability and innovation.
Control panels NeoGSM-IP series are another 'new', which is ahead of the competition and responds to the current needs of users (online control with low transmission costs).

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Control panel: NeoGSM-IP

- 2 independent partitions with two types of arming: full or night,
- hybrid central: wired + Aero wireless system,
- users: 32 codes (1 main +31), 8 telephone numbers, e-mail
- 8-32 programmable zones, expansion by zone expanders, touch panels, Aero wireless system,
- 8-24 programmable outputs, expansion by output expanders,

- support for up to 4 touch panels (TPR-4x / 4xS series) or touch keyboards (TK-3x),
- additional local relay output in each touch panel,
- built-in GSM modem
- built-in WIFI module
(NOTE: due to the built-in WiFi antenna, the required installation in a plastic housing - O-R3P)

- wired LAN connection via expander: EXP-LAN,
- notifications of type: SMS / CALL / E-MAIL / PUSH,
- mobile application support: Ropam Neo, for online surveillance via the Internet,
- IP communication: WIFI / LAN basic channel, GPRS backup channel (automatic switching),
- 4 timers with a calendar, for control and automation,
- cooperation with PSR-ECO power supplies (energy and cost saving)
- advanced logic functions and software time relays, LogicProcessor,
- local programming via micro USB or WIFI / ETH,
- remote programming via the RopamBridge server (GPRS or IP),
- USSD code support (pre-paid card control
- comfortable disconnect terminal connectors, grouped by ports
- local programming via microUSB or WIFI

Mobile application: RopamNeo Alarm Control

- communication via WIFI, LAN or GPRS
- PUSH notifications
- full support for the NeoGSM-IP alarm panel
- simple configuration - just scan the QR code with your phone
- the ability to adjust the menu layout to suit your needs.




Expander:  EXP-LAN

Ethernet Expander for NeoGSM-IP - allows connection of the control panel to the local network via a wired connection.




Touch panels 4,3": TPR-4xS

- very attractive price (like 'ordinary LCD' of other companies),
- plastic frame masking the sides and front of the LCD
(in TPR-4x: front glass, narrow side frame),
- resistive touch with gesture support
(durability: 1,000,000 touches, 0.3N),
- 4.3 "LCD, 480x272px, high contrast, LED backlight
(brightness 20% lower than TPR-4x),
- two screens for personalizing icons / menu layout,
- compatibility: OptimaGSM, NeoGSM-IP,