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We provide support for installer & B2B zone on our FTP server. Here you can find technical data, application notes, schematics.
It's easy way for access to all important informations in one place by FTP client.

Alarm system based on NeoGSM-PS

Example schematic of connections using alarm panel NeoGSM and devices: OR-4, TPR-xx, TSR-1 (2), RF-4-2K, VSR-2, EXP-I8, AT-GSM-MAXI, BP 18Ah, movement detectors ie. PIR, magnetic sensors, exterior and interior siren/light.

Can be used for:
• home alarm system, flat alarm system,
• small commercial objects protection.

Autorepeat SMS/CALL

Automatic repeat of SMS/CALL notification if zone continuously violated: BasicGSM/MultiGSM/NeoGSM/OptimaGSM.

Can be used for:
• process monitoring,
•critical applications which required maintenance reaction ,
• systems required support,
• electronic protection systems,
• private fire notifications systems

Zone to output rewrite option - LogicProcessor - OptimaGSM(PS)

Application allows for automatic rewrite of zone state to output.

Home automation control using SmartPLC technology

Aplikacja umożliwia sterowanie obwodem PLC za pomocą przycisku z panela dotykowego, lub konfigurowalnym smsem. Informowanie o przepaleniu żarówki komunikatem na panelu TPR i smsem.

Application allows for control of PLC circuit through key in touch panel or by SMS. Information about bulb fail is displayed on touch panel and sent by SMS.
OptimaGSM or OptimaGSM-PS
IOE-IQPLC - executable module
TPR-xx-O touch panel

Blinds control

Application allows for direct control: lift/lower blinds using LogicProcessor.
It can be controlled by:
• inputs/zones (pulse buttons)
• TP touch panel (direct control buttons)
• sms
• arm/disarm of alarm system

OptimaGSM or OptimaGSM-PS, RM85 relays or outputs expander EXP-O8R-RN-D9M

Alternate control of pumps in sewers pumping station

Application allows for alternate control of pumps. Signals for turning pumps ON appears on O1->P1 O2->P2.
Putting control signal with min. 1s lenght to zone I1 turns ON O1 as long as control signal on I1 is present.
Dissapear of control singal from I1 and putting it again to I1 turns ON O2 output.


file available after logging to installer/B2B zone.


Turning on output for 3s on every arm/disarm

Application allows for turning ON output for specified time period on every arm/disarm of the system. Way of arm/disarm (full) doesn't matter.
Application – control of bistable realy during arm/disarm of the system.
Devices: NeoGSM, NeoGSM-PS

file available after logging to installer/B2B zone.


Control of hot water pump.

Violation of zones (I1-I8) turns ON pump for 15min.
Pump is OFF while system is armed.


file available after logging to installer/B2B zone.


Central heating failure notification

BasicGSM, MultiGSM -(PS)

file available after logging to installer/B2B zone.


Remote blocking of thermostat by sending SMS with specified content

Application allows for blocking thermostat function based on TSR1 temperature sensor readings.
User can remotely deactivate this function by sending SMS

NeoGSM, BasicGSM, MultiGSM, TSR-1 temperature sensor

file available after logging to installer/B2B zone.


Temperature monitoring in refridgerators

Monitoring: pomiar i rejestracja temperatury, zasilania 230V, powiadomienie SMS/CALL/E-mail, podgląd online za pomoca aplikacji mobilnej.

Monitoring: temperature measurement and logging,230V supplu monitoring, SMS/E-mail notification.
Example set: MultiGSM-PS, O-R2, TSR-1, AT-GSM-MAXi, SDHC-8GB, BP 1.2Ah.
Application allows for „fridge chain” monitoring according to Health Minister ordinance. Dz.U z 2010r. nr 232 poz. 1524

Can be used for:
• temperature monitoring in refridgerators (medicines, vacines),
• refridgerators monitoring,
• process and climate control,